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November 1, 2016 /

When you begin searching for jobs, or doing research before you accept an international offer, one of the biggest factors to consider is where you might want to live and what type of living environment lends itself best to the lifestyle you are comfortable with. I want to call into question your potential tendency to write-off “developing” countries before learning more about them. You or people around you may assume that developing countries are dangerous, dirty or generally unpleasant to live in, and I want challenge that as someone from the United States, living in Vietnam.

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November 1, 2016 /

New studies on the topic of millennials working abroad as professionals are regularly being published and they help frame the current state of moving abroad for work, as well as provide some context for where people are moving to. These studies are far from conclusive, but they will help us get a feel for the current state of what has previously been an alternative career path. So, what do studies show about working internationally?

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