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Companies at the moment are constantly talking about “content marketing.” The idea is simple: by creating useful content for potential customers and clients, they can establish themselves as a leader in their field, helping them gain traction in their industry which ultimately helps them land clients.

If companies can use content marketing to establish themselves in their industry, can individuals do the same to land international jobs?

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The difficulties faced by the Forsters and Orwell’s of history when reporting Eastern cultures from Western perspectives are now faced by every Sue and Sam with a smartphone and social media platform. From Facebook to Instagram to travel blogs, expats have the power to portray their host country however they please, their choices of posts and pictures creating a patchwork narrative of the culture for those back home. Are expats in the modern era responsible for how they portray the countries they call home?

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January 10, 2017 /

To objectively evaluate the professional development value of working internationally, I wanted to bring in an outside perspective. And to do that, I am bringing in CEO of Hootsuite, Ryan Holmes.

Holmes posted an article on LinkedIn titled “5 Signs You’re a Unicorn Employee,” which he used to describe his ideal employee.

I really like his five traits for a number of reasons, so I want to use them to help evaluate the value of working abroad. Namely, what types of traits can I expect the experience to instill in me and carry with me into the future.

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December 31, 2016 /

Teaching English abroad is tricky business. Used correctly, it can be a great way to fund an on-the -ground job search in the country in which you want to live. Used incorrectly, and you can end up an English “lifer”– lulled by making enough money and having a good life, you forgo building professional value until it is too late, leaving you stuck teaching English forever.

The key is to use teaching English as a springboard to other opportunities abroad without falling into the trap of becoming a “lifer.” It isn’t as difficult as it may seem at first as long as you know a few things before you make the leap.

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