Welcome to 12HourDifference!

“…I had never considered working abroad professionally as an option before…

I would be willing to live and work abroad, but I don’t know what it would be like…

I would work abroad…but I am sure you have to know people or something, not just anyone can do it…”

These three quotes encapsulate the people for whom this blog is for and why I created it. When I was in college, looking towards graduation, as well as the months after graduation, I dreamed of moving abroad. Unfortunately, I didn’t know how people end up working abroad, what the experience would be like, or if my time abroad would be valued by American employers if I ever decided to come back home.

That is me, Aaron Horwath, creator of 12hourdifference.co

I created this blog to answer those questions. This blog is a community of people who are blazing the trail of international work, international recruiters,  companies who are sending more young professionals abroad and people who want to know about what working abroad is like. It is also where I share my own experience, and provide insights on the experience of working abroad that I wish I had during my years before graduation, and the months that followed.

Whereas before you had to chose between traveling abroad or staying home to find work after college, globalization is creating a third, and increasingly more viable, third option: working internationally. 12HourDifference is a peek inside the leading edge of this growing third option for millennials looking for work, or who will be soon. .